Thursday, March 9, 2017

Photographing the Essence of Prague, Day 3

Part of our group on top of the tower

Learning Portraiture at Matela Studio
I woke up at half past seven feeling tired, but I was refreshed after our breakfast. We learnt some basic principles about designs of photography, such as the symmetry of photo and the natural lines that lead the eyes. And then we walked to Kampa Island through cobbled streets in the warm sunlight. The island is filed with elegant sculptures and bridges, and we had a chance to take photos of Prague across the Vltava River. Then we walked up to the Charles Bridge and climbed up to the top of the Old Town Bridge Tower, and we were amazed by the beautiful landscape with architecture of different styles.

After having lunch, we hopped on a tram heading for Matela Studio, and in the next couple hours we learnt how to take portraits with each other as models. With different intensity of lights and different angles of the lights, we gave different emphasis or moods to the portraits. By switching the background color form white to grey, the atmosphere of the portrait is more serious and somber.

After that, we went to a traditional Czech restaurant for dinner. In an adventurous spirit I tried a homemade lemonade with gooseberry and mint and it was surprisingly good. The main dish was wonderful as well with tender beef in tasty sauce accompanied with dumpling (kind of bread). We were glad to have some persona
l time after a busy day in the Venceslav Square, it was relaxing just to walk in the street with the breeze. After that we went back to the hotel to rest, getting charged for tomorrow.
- Z 

Every one had a turn both modeling and photographing with each new change of lighting situation.

One light Portrait by Maureen

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  1. Amazing what you can all fit in one one day. So glad you are all being adventerous trying the local cuisine. I hope you are learning a few general words in the local language and trying to use them. Looks like you are all having better weather than predicted. Hope Mairead is feeling better! Mom