Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Debating the World: Which Type of Cuisine?

Seen on The Royal Mile

After a little confusion at the Dublin airport over the correct gate, the Model UN trip left Ireland to a beautiful sunrise and landed in Edinburgh around 3:00am Husky-time, or 8:00am in Scotland. A short (double-decker!) bus trip through the city gave us our first sights of Scotland; old stone architecture, sharply dressed folk on their way to work, and a reminder that left turns are much easier than right turns in the UK.

The view from our hotel

After checking into hotel rooms and freshening up (and maybe even a quick nap), the group headed out for lunch. The Royal Mile is filled with dining options from around the globe: Mexican, Thai, and Indian, to name a few. Everyone felt recharged after a little caffeine and food, so we took to the streets for window shopping but were quickly sidetracked by the awe-inspiring architecture, friendly bagpipers, and authentic red British phone booths (they actually work!).

We stopped at St. Giles' Cathedral, which was undergoing renovations, to hear organ music and see the beautiful stained glass windows. Our real destination was at the other end of the Royal Mile: Edinburgh Castle. Even if you're not a fan of history (don't tell Mr. D), this place is packed with interesting information, diverse exhibits, and breathtaking views of the city. It's difficult to not find something that suits your fancy from war memorials, the Crown Jewels, Great Hall, and even soldiers' toilets!

                   Stained glass in St. Giles'

 Tickling the (organ) ivories

         Directions at Edinburgh Castle                                          

          The Great Hall at Edinburgh Castle

The group made its way back to the hotel once it started to drizzle. We are about to hit the town for what will surely be a delicious dinner (haggis, anyone?). After many hours of flying, walking, and learning, the gang will be ready for a good night's rest. Early to bed for this crew!

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