Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Art and Science of Baking: Day Two

Today we learned how to make blitz puff pastry dough. The dough was hard to make because it wouldn’t stick together and it had to be made quickly so the butter wouldn’t melt. The butter needs to stay solid so that it will steam during baking and create a light flaky pastry rather than a dense rubbery one. We used this to make two different pastries, a sweet one called apple galette and a savory one called parmesan palmiers. The biggest challenge for most people was peeling and cutting the apples for the galette. The easiest part was putting the cinnamon and sugar on the galette and the mustard on the palmiers. Our instructor, Robyn, was a New Hampton alum, class of ’80!

Melon: Today moved faster than yesterday. We each made our own dough rather than working with a partner, so everyone had more to do. Also, mixing and rolling the dough was more hands-on.

Zak: I think I could pull off making that recipe on my own at my house. I would probably make the sweet one.

Carter: Baking is more fun when you’re doing more of the work yourself instead of using a machine.

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