Friday, March 10, 2017

Engineering A New Bike: Cycling Copenhagen

Since our project is about redesigning bikes and/or bike accessories, it's only fitting that we spend some time riding bikes to gain some experience. For our field testing, we only chose the top rated bike-friendly city in the world: Copenhagen. A short 20 minute train ride under and over the channel, and we emerged from the impressive and historic train station to a sea of bikes.

We quickly met up with Christian from Cycling Copenhagen, who acted as our guide for the morning. Christian was funny, knowledgeable, and friendly. He took us on a 14km ride around the city, which allowed us to experience first hand how people cycle in Copenhagen while also visiting the best sites the city has to offer. We saw so much that it would be really difficult to explain everything here. Please see the Slideshare below for a series of pictures and check back for a Story Map with much more detail.

(Slideshare and Story Map coming soon!)

We enjoyed a quick but delicious and filling lunch at a bakery near Cycling Copenhagen. The baked desserts are amazing!

After lunch, we took a city bus to the Danish Architecture Center where we explored an exhibit titled Wasteland. The purpose of the exhibit was to demonstrate different ways we can use waste material in "new" construction. While the exhibit was dedicated to mostly architectural designs, the principles of waste reduction and reusing materials is something any good designer should consider for their product. The used the Center's cafe to hold another impromptu design discussion. The design idea keeps evolving, but the students are currently working on the possibility of improving existing folding bike designs.

(Slideshare and Story Map coming soon!)

We had a little time to walk through Copenhagen on our way to dinner on Paper Island. We went to an awesome funky foodie pop up restaurant retrofitted warehouse type location with offerings from around the world - also called Copenhagen Street Food. Many students, and Church, enjoyed Brazilian BBQ.

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