Friday, March 10, 2017

The Art of Clay: Day 4

It was a big day out as the group ventured south to Massachusetts for some exciting visits! Max and Tina had this reflection to share about our adventures in the city!

Today we met Geoff Booras at Harvard University Ceramics Department, who was the technical director of the studio and teaches there too. Mr. Booras found it hard to concentrate on art when he was young, however eventually ceramics sucked him in. He first touched clay in his sophomore year in college; then he became obsessed about ceramics. He teaches at the studio and often experiments with clay, making fun sculptures in his spare time. The studio was opened for enriching Harvard's art program and an extra curricular for students and the community. Mr. Booras thought it's very nice to get in touch with more people in the studio. The studio helps art fit into the community as well. The studio was very big, with different rooms and sections for different functions. For example, there is a quiet workshop where artists can concentrate on their art without distraction. In the afternoon, we met Ellie Moore for tour of the Pucker Ceramics Gallery. The Gallery was amazing, we could touch all the pieces in the gallery and observe them closely, it was an experience we've never been through. The clay pieces came from a wide range of artists from Japan, India, Korea, UK, and local. Also, there were not only ceramic works in the gallery but also beautiful paintings and photographs too. -Tina '19 and Max '19

Harvard University Ceramics Studio Manager Geoff Booras talks about the ingredients used in clay and glaze mixing.
Mr. Booras gives the group a peek inside a gas kiln as it approaches 2300 degrees.
The group poses outside of the Harvard University Ceramics building.
Pucker Gallery Ceramics Specialist Ellie Moore discusses glazing techniques during our collection tour.
The colorful shelves of work by famous potter Brother Thomas Bezanson.
A beautiful piece on display at the Pucker Gallery.
The group poses with Pucker Gallery Ceramics Specialist Ellie Moore next to work by artist Mark Hewitt.

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