Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Engineering A New Bike: Danish Danishes

Things went about as smooth as possible on journey, although the average amount of sleep was about 2.87 hours. The only casualty was one extra small blue jacket in Boston Logan. We had a few minutes to recaffeinate in Zurich where we also finally said goodbye to our companions heading to Prague.

We landed in Copenhagen, collected our bags, and immediately met up with Adam and Anna from Atlas Workshops. They greeted us with delicious Danish danishes of the cinnamon and chocolate varieties.

We had a brief walk to our hotel where everyone took some much needed hour long break. After showering and changing, we met the third member of the Atlas team, Laura. We headed out on a short walking tour of Malmo to get our bearings and to experience this wonderful city first hand. The architecture is a mix of historic and modern with cobblestone streets throughout the older part of the city.

We combined our in-country orientation with Atlas with dinner at local restaurant, which provided a much needed break from the cold temps outside. We also met our first local bike experts, Jenny and Christian and their daughter Amanda. We'll be touring Malmo bright and early with Amanda.

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