Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Art of Clay: Day 2

It was another busy day in The Art of Clay with stops in Chichester and Concord before our return to the studio in Plymouth! Eva and Evelyn had these reflections to share about our second day of adventures!

We visited a ceramic artist called Andy Hampton, visited the League of NH Craftsman Gallery, and made a cup and a tray in the Community Clay Center on the second day. I really enjoyed the visit with Andy Hampton and I like his work which is mainly inspired by Japanese ceramics. I like the simple pattern of his work and his passion for ceramics. He also showed us some techniques in making pottery, such as using measuring sticks and dipping the glaze. The work we did in the clay center was hard since the clay was kind of dry and easy to break, but the experience was fun. -Evelyn '18

Today we visited New Hampshire potter/ceramicist Andy Hampton of Hampton Pottery. He has been doing pottery for 47 years, starting out as an apprentice for his first two years. His work mainly consists of dinner ware, and practical items, such as butter dishes, cups, mugs and vases, in addition to decorative pieces. After, we went to visit the NH Craftsman Gallery. There, we viewed pieces from artists around New Hampshire. While at the Community Clay Center, we built trays for our chia pets that we will be building later this week and cups from a self made template. For the cups, we used a technique called beveling in order for the pieces to fit together better. -Eva '20

Potter Andy Hampton explains one of his custom tools used for measuring depth and width.

Andy Hampton at work on his wheel.

Work by Andy Hampton on display at his studio.

A piece by ceramic artist Lars Turin at the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen Gallery in Concord.

Penny introduces our handbuilding projects for the afternoon at the Community Clay Center in Plymouth.

Evelyn cuts out her slab for her handbuilt cup project.

Maggie displays her finished textured tray.

Adi puts the finishing touches on her handbuilt slab cup.

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