Saturday, March 11, 2017

Engineering A New Bike: Swedish (Bike) Chefs

Today we found ourselves at the Cycleköket, or Bike Kitchen, in Malmo, a nonprofit project supported by STPLN. The group operates an incubator-like location for nonprofits out of a historic and protected ship-building slip. Cycleköket's mission is not to fix bikes for the citizens of Malmo, but rather to impart the knowledge they need to fix their own bikes. To this end, Cycleköket provides workshops, spare parts, and local experts, all for free.

At the start of the day, some of our students may have felt that physically working on their own bike (i.e. cleaning it, tightening chains, inflating a tire, replacing brake lines and other worn out parts) would have been like following cooking instructions from this guy:


However, the students dove in, got their hands dirty (literally), and began figuring things out on their own. OK, maybe they had a little help from our gracious host Jesper. Now they look more like this:

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