Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Art of Clay: Day 5

The Art of Clay wrapped up an excellent week with our final visit to the Community Clay Center! Michael and Candice had these reflections about our last day of clay.

We first met in the Memorial Classroom this morning to work on writing and sketching. After that we moved some equipment to the lower gym, all for tomorrow at the symposium. In the afternoon we went to the CCC to glaze everything we made in the past days. There were plenty of colors for us to choose from. We colored all of our works and made a chia pet. The chia pet will be used for plants to grow out of clay. -Michael '20

I had a very good project week and I have had a lot of good memories from this week. We visited many different artists, and we visited some great galleries. My favorite part of project week was making pottery at the CCC - it was the best time. I felt so excited and it was so pleasant. I also gained a lot of experience by making pottery. I loved this project week! -Candice '20

Tina finishes up her sketches and reflections.
All of our work is looking great after the bisque firing!
Max dips his tray into a glaze bucket.

Candice cleans off her tray bottom as she readies it for the kiln.
Adi gets her work glazed and ready to be fired.
Maggie puts the finishing touches on her unicorn chia pet.

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