Friday, March 10, 2017

Go-Kart Modification: Final Reflections

For today's post we wanted to let each guy reflect on their week with the group:

JB- This week we learned lots of valuable skills including welding, soldering, and changing tires. My favorite part of the week was getting to modify the go karts and racing them. Another thing that I enjoyed was going to Portsmouth for a day and learning more about altering things and inventing things.

JD- I learned many things this week that will help me in the future. We learned how to change oil in cars and also how to change the tires. We learned how the buildings on campus were heated and how the ice rink runs. The best part was re-modifing the go karts and being able to drive them. We learned many valuable things this week it was a lot of fun.

TM- The project go kart modifications has been a good experience that I would love to do again. I liked the balance of learning real life skills in the morning and then having fun building our kart in the afternoon. I learned new skills and we came out with a cool finished project.

KZ- This project week we learned a lot of stuff. The best part was when we started  modifying the go kart. I liked to put it all together and drive around after we finished.

SW- This week for project week the go kart modifications group worked with facilities to fix and improve the two go karts and learn about the plumbing and engineering that goes one behind the scenes at NHS. The first day was learning how to service vehicles and working to get our go karts to run. The second day we learned all about how facilities heats and circulates air in the buildings. On Wednesday we traveled to Ipsumm manufacturing in Portsmouth and learned about professional engineering. On Thursday we went to Home Depot to get materials and begin work, and on Friday we finished and tested the karts. 

WM- We began the week learning about the different heating systems around campus and fixing the engines on both the go karts and the New Hampton vehicles. Then we took a tour of an engineering company to learn more about the modification process and the machines that they use to create their products. We then went back to learn about welding and soldering. The final part consisted of the modifications we made to the go karts. Then we took them on a test drive to see how the modifications helped.

WR- During project week, I learned a plethora of new skills. In the beginning of the week, I learned how to change tires on both a go-kart and a pick-up truck. I also learned about the different types of oils and filters that an automobile needs, and how to replace them. We learned how to do these replacements, both under the hood of the truck, and under the truck as well. Later in the week, I learned how to, both, welding and soldering. At the end of each day, our project week group worked on making modifications to our respective go-karts, in 2 groups. The different groups made spoilers, a roll cage, and lights, both battery and solar powered. After we finished both go-karts, we drove them around on the upper parking lot, adjacent to Kennedy field. After thorough testing, we are confident that our symposium will be one not to miss! 

NF- I had a very fun project week. I learned many new skills like how to weld, solder, how to modify a go-kart, and even how the systems work at New Hampton. That was a very good project week and I learned many new things.

KTM- I had a wonderful time during project week here at New Hampton. My favorite part was learning how to weld. I didn't dislike anything we learned. I hope I could come back in a few years and check out the go kart my group and I built. 

MS- For my project week I chose to do go-Kart modification. This proved to be the right choice. We learned a lot about engineering and buildings. The go Kart part was very fun. My group made a roll cage, hooked up lights, and make a spoiler. All this topped off by an American flag.

SB- Today we finished making modifications on our go-karts and got a chance to drive them today. I enjoyed learning about the basics of mechanics and learning about how everything works around the school. I developed a lot of skills this week such a brainstorming skills, mechanical skills, and patience.

BB- During project week, I participated in modifying go karts. However, it was more like building them again because they were in such poor condition. I learned a lot this week. Especially with the support from the maintenance crew. They were very helpful. For example, changing oil on trucks and go karts, all about a cars engine, how to weld, how to solder, and I learned about most of the heating systems in the school. Then we started to modify the go carts. I though they would not turn out that well but they did. Better than I expected. They ran faster than I expected too. Overall this week turned out to be very fun.  

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