Friday, March 10, 2017

Go Karts Day 4

Today during the morning session we were split into three different groups that rotated. The maintenance guys the first group was taught plumbing and how to use soldering tools correctly. the second group learned how to weld using chopper and a blow torch. The third group got to go around to different dorms and measure the dorm temperature and check on boilers and the heating system.

In the afternoon we worked on modifying the Go Karts. Some guys went to Home Depot to get all the things we needed, like paint, a helmet, lights, piping, wood, and screws. We fixed the wheels and rim so we could put them back on correctly.  After making our specified modifications we tested the go karts to make sure they were running correctly. After the testing we made any necessary fixes and painted the go karts.  This will allow them to dry overnight. We are going to test, fix, and finish everything tomorrow. 

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