Monday, March 6, 2017

Kurn Hattin Day 1: Monday

This morning, our group of 13 students met after breakfast to participate in team bonding and write down any questions we have about Kurn Hattin. With little knowledge about the school, we were excited to finally see it. 

After our 2 hour drive into Westminster, Vermont, we were finally able to unpack into our apartment. Once we were unpacked, we went to the dining hall to eat dinner with the kids. When we entered the cafe, we found it was similar to New Hampton School. Every child attending the school was seated at large tables and each of us split up, sat down, and had a chance to meet the kids.

This was our first chance to talk to the kids and get an idea of what they like about their boarding school. We asked them questions ranging from what their living spaces are like to what they enjoy doing in their free time. The kids were excited to see us and were open to telling us about the school. 

After we were finished, and the students moved to their study blocks, we walked around the campus. 

At night we were able to meet with the Executive Director of the school who was able to answer some of our questions from the morning. We learned that Kurn Hattin is a safe and supportive place for children who come from at risk homes. The students come from a range of families that are struggling with drug/alcohol abuse, physical abuse, homelessness, incarceration or financial issues. This school provides a stable environment with the hope that the institution can break the negative cycles that surround the lives of these young children.  

Tomorrow we will divide up into different classes to help out. We are excited to not only have another chance to see the kids, but to learn more about Kurn Hattin and what is has to offer. 

-Posted by Chloe Davis

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