Friday, March 10, 2017

Live and Let Live: Day 5

Last Day at the Farm

     The group made the most of our final day at the Live and Let Live Farm. After a week of experience everyone knew exactly what needed to be done and engaged in the familiar tasks of mucking paddocks, cleaning the puppy stalls, feeding the horses, cows and goats, and filling the water bowls. We ended our week at the Live and Let Live on a high note: socializing with the puppies as they waited to go home to their new families. To add icing on the top of the cake, Momma Goat gave birth to two healthy kids on Saturday.

      The work we accomplished throughout the week made a significant impact on the farm and enriched each one of us as individuals. It was wonderful to see everyone climb out of their comfort zones and embrace new challenges. We are grateful for the opportunity to help out and experience a taste of life on a rescue farm.

       We wish the best for our animal friends. Ms. Williams artfully captured some of them below:


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