Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Live and Let Live Farm: Day 3

A Beautiful Day On The Farm

Today we enjoyed a great day on the farm! The weather was super nice and we did a lot of work. We started our morning with cleaning puppies cages and walking with the dogs. Later, Noah, Alex and Katya cleaned and refilled all the tubs on the farm and the rest of the group cleaned the some paddocks. Moreover, we fed cows, goats and rabbits. Before lunch the whole group spent some time cleaning and organizing the warehouse and Mrs. Williams came over to take some great pictures!
After taking a lunch break at Panera Bread, we cleaned the huge goose bedding together, displaying awesome team work. (Better together, right huskies?) At the end of the day we had a chance to unwind, spending some time with horses and taking pictures. It was a nice and very productive day. Good job guys!

-Katya Egorova

Photos taken by Mrs. Williams (Below):

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