Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Go Kart Modification Day 3

Today we traveled to Portsmouth, where we visited Ipsumm, a manufacturing and design company.   We toured with Ipsumm's President and CEO, John Kodzis. He told us about the process of creating and manufacturing new products, and how complex patenting can be. John toured us around the office, warehouse, and in the fully functional machining facility. He showed us various machines and robots, that all completed different tasks, as well as a brand new technology in development by one of Ipsumm's Engineers.

At the end of the tour, John asked us all a simple question, 'Do you know how to ride a bike?'. Of course, the answer was a resounding 'yes'. However, John never specified the type of bike. He put each of us up to the test of trying to ride a bike that steers reversed (left turn goes right, right turn goes left). The task proved more difficult than it looked, and our group found that none of us could ride the bike successfully. When children are asked to ride the bike, they learn to do so in hours, as opposed to adults, who can take weeks to learn the new skill. This is because kids learn have generally have an open mind, and less of an ego. John told us that this bike represents life in general. To become successful at anything in life, you must do so without an ego and with an open mind. he tour and meeting with John was inspirational and really helped us look at our project a different way.

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