Thursday, March 9, 2017

Making Movies, Making a Difference

Monday, March 6
On Monday, we read the scripts and re-wrote sections of dialog and scene details. We organized our scenes into shots and created a shot list to follow in the filming process. Our production days were set for Tuesday and Wednesday. After finishing pre-production work, we got started early filming many scenes for our two films including a classroom scene, an outdoor scene, a cafeteria scene, and finally a dorm scene. It was the first time most of us had done any filming. We were all novices learning how to film and act.

Tuesday, March 7
On Tuesday, one crew ("Outside Shot") spent most of the time at the Jake shooting many of the rink scenes. Before that, early in the morning, they went to the computer lab and started transferring the audio and video files from our iphones onto a desktop computer. From there, their editor used dropbox to access the files from his personal laptop.They filmed action shots while they were on the ice. It was a fun but very rigorous day that ended with more skating after lunch. They spent the whole afternoon at the rink and shot a variety of scenes. It ended up being a long, but very fun day.

Wednesday, March 8
On Wednesday, the "Outside Shot" crew filmed in the cafeteria. They filmed two scenes there. Then, they filmed in the "dog pound" and outdoors. After that, BOTH crews filmed at the rink for a few hours. During that time, one of the editors worked on editing his group's film. That night, most of the group went out to Ninety Nine Restaurant for dinner.

Thursday, March 9
On Thursday, the "Outside Shot" crew was done filming most of their scenes. Their director and editor were working hard assembling a rough cut of the film. The rest of the crew discussed how they were going to get our films out to the public and distribute it in a way to get the most "views" possible. We strategized about using various forms of social media as platforms to promote our films and drive internet traffic to the films' future links on YouTube. We decided to use Instagram (to target a younger audience) and Facebook (to target an older audience).

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