Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Show Must Go On...One More Day To Go!

Today was tech day! We worked on our cues with light changes, music and props. It started to feel real as the stage came to life with the table decorated. 

Using props for the first time. 
 We took some time to practice our intermission show. It is going to be great! This brought some excitement and life into our actors before we took a break for lunch.

Rehearsing our intermission show. 
After lunch we had a few set backs, but The Show Must Go On. We took some time to play an improvisation game, The Hitchhiker. This gave our actors the opportunity to practice developing a story without using exact lines word for word. The idea was to build confidence in our actors in case they couldn't memorize all their lines for Table 12. However, everyone has been practicing so much and putting a lot of work into preparing for the show.

Playing an improv game. 

The actors tried on their costumes and we were able to go through the show twice. Tomorrow we have our show at 7pm at the Winni Playhouse. We are very excited but also very nervous. The morning will be busy with dress rehearsals. 

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