Thursday, March 9, 2017

Mtn. Mechanics: Pump House & Face Hike

Sam Shamberger
      What I have really come to notice from being at Jay Peak and meeting many different people here is that all the people here are very well informed and truly a wealth of knowledge. Every person we have met has completely opened my eyes to the bigger picture of Jay Peak and the larger scale of the operations that must occur on a ski mountain. I find it really interesting to ride up the chairlift, look out at the west bowl and think of all the thought and planning that it took to oversee and create development plans for that area. I love meeting all the different people from the mountain here and just absorbing all their knowledge.

Maddie Conkling

            Today we started the day with a nice breakfast served and made by me. I made some mean eggs and some crispy bacon. We then all walked through a treacherous snow storm to get a tour of the pump house. We spoke to water park director Scott, about how many lifeguards it takes to run the pump house. It takes 14 lifeguards to run the park in one day. Soon we got a tour of the pumps and machines it takes to run the park. We learned that they make their own chlorine to save money. A few people in our group took on  wake surfing, some failed. To end the day we took on some powder that was untouched.

Egor Goz
            We spend our morning tour in the Pump House, an indoor waterpark. It was very interesting, because in this tour we were actually taken behind the scenes. We saw the necessary machinery to run the waterpark, such as filters, heaters, ph level indicators, etc. Scott, the manager of the pump house, told us how they keep the maintenance. He also showed us the unseeable logic behind the park's organization. For example, the lifeguard are located not only at the places that all of the water is within visibility, but also within distance each can cover in 20 seconds. I would have never thought they have specific numbers like that. He also showed us some small features of the park that people normally do not notice.
            Afterwards, I went straight to the lifts for some riding. It was incredibly windy, definitely the coldest day so far. Although, it should be freezing tomorrow. I quickly joined our group, and after some riding we all climbed almost to the very top of the mountain. I guess we just love to challenge ourselves. Some cool pictures, and we are bombing down the hill through trees, enjoying fresh powder, considering all the ice that's been on the trails. 

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