Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Mtn. Mechanics: Ski Patrol & Mountain Operations

Today we had awesome opportunities to meet the ski patrol of Jay Peak as well as the director of mountain operations. We learned that Jay Peak ski patrol have many different jobs pertaining to keeping the mountain safe, such as putting out signs, ropes, closing trails, and responding to lost skiers and injured people. When we met the Director of Mountain Operations we learned that he had previously worked in the mountain development of Jay Peak. He told us all about the plans for developing the west bowl ski area, but it's difficult due to conserving and protecting the environment. Today was sick, and tonight we are heading to check out the Pump House, the indoor water park at Jay Peak. -Sam

Today we met with ski patrol in the morning and learned what their daily day is like at Jay Peak. They told us they are leaning towards making a clinic for people when they become injured. People from the mountain and near Jay Peak would be able to use it. After skiing we then met with Walter, the manager of Mountain Operations. He informed us about how Jay Peak was thinking about adding on to the mountain. He also informed us that Jay Peak has the smallest snow making industry in the north east. They spend 600,000 annually on snow making. To end the day I learned how to cook some mean taco meat, beans and rice. -Maddie

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