Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Photographing the Essence of Prague, Day 2

Strahov Monastery spires by Z
We arrived at our Prague hotel today at 4:15 pm following an overnight flight to Zurich and another short flight to the Czech Republic. After a very quick check-in we were out on the street, getting out first tour of the city from Ms. Farr-Williams.  Across from our hotel is a furnicular that we took up Petrin Hill. On this ride up the hill we experienced our first view of the city and the Vltava River, the observatory tower, the Old Town Wall and the exterior of the Strahov Monastery.  We were literally chasing the light down cobblestone streets as the sun came through the clouds for moments just as it was going down, lighting up the westward slopes of the magnificent architecture.  As we walked to our dinner the sky darkened to deep blue, and the city yellow lights began to twinkle in contrast.  

Our assignment this afternoon was landscape. We set our aperture (and shutter) accordingly for varying depths of field.  As it grew darker we learned to set our cameras to maximize the evening light, hand-holding or balancing our cameras on railings (we traveled without tripods).

Views of the Prague Castle from below the Strahov Monastery.  - Photo by Ms. Farr-Williams
Observing the details. Photo by Ms. Farr-Williams
Prague Castle, Photo by Z

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  1. Love the blog and the pictures! Cant wait to see the differences in how you each capture the culture of the city with your different perspectives and photos. JR