Friday, March 17, 2017

Photographing the Essence of Prague, Day 8 and 9

Photo by Mairead

Day 8

This morning, the morning of our last full day in Prague, most of us woke up in time to witness the sun rise over the Charles Bridge and the dramatic architecture of Old Town. I was surprised at how many people were already on the bridge at that time of day.  We were all frustrated with the people walking through our compositions.  Patience was necessary, and underexposing was a successful strategy (to blend the people into the shadows and make the sky color more saturated). The early morning wake-up was definitely worth it!  We made some beautiful images.

We had the entire morning for editing images and working on our portfolios. Ms. Wilson was available in the lounge for guidance. 

After lunch we set off on a last-chance shopping trip. It was rewarding to recognize so many areas of the city and finally know where we were in relation to the other areas we had visited.

We enjoyed a last group dinner just north of the American Embassy. Afterwards we hiked a short way up Petrin Hill in order to get a view of the castle to use as a backdrop for some light paintings.

It was a beautiful night, crisp and clear.  Prague architecture is lit beautifully at night, making it even even prettier.

Day 9
This morning we shared our final portfolios with each other in the conference room.  It was great to see everyone's work, and to see how differently we all think, see, and use our cameras.  We talked about our strongest works and our most original works. 

After the portfolio viewing we finished packing and left the hotel for our journey home.

( Due to winter storm Stella, our journey home included a 25.5 hour layover in Zurich!)

It's been an awesome week, photographing the essence of Prague!  Photo by Mairead.

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