Monday, March 13, 2017

Photographing the Essence of Prague, Day 7

Today was an awesome day for us to visit the Karlstejn castle. We left hotel as usual around 9am. Then, we took the tram for several stops and transferred to a half-an-hour train ride. When we arrived at  Karlstejn, the sun shone brightly in the sky, with pretty cloud formations. The scenery was just so amazing. We walked all the way up to the castle and took pictures along the way. Pictures of the castle from so many different angles came out well. We had free time at the castle to explore and find angles. Soon, we had a tour in the castle and we were informed of much history regarding Charles IV. Karlstejn castle was used to store the treasures collected by Charles IV and it took 17 years to build it with three phases of construction. We visited the first floor and some of the second floor together and saw the knights, king's bedroom, and guards' room. Rather than names, motifs and crests were painted on the doors of knights' individual wardrobes so that they could distinguish them from each other. The most realistic image of Charles the fourth was in a painting with him kneeling down with golden suits. Secret hallways were built in Charles IV's  room so he could get into  his wife's room anytime. His throne room was arranged so that he was seated between two windows, so that his face would be in shadow. Meanwhile, the faces of his visitors were lit by the windows and tall candles. Charles the fourth was a really wise and ambitious leader.

After the amazing tour of the castle, we hiked back down the hill and traveled back to our hotel by 5:30. We had some free time in the mall for shopping as well. Today was a "short" and relaxing day for us to wander in the castle and on the street of Prague. 
I cannot wait to see the essence of Prague tomorrow early morning at 6 am to capture the beautiful sun rise.
-Anny and Shirley 

Karlstejn Castle, summer palace of King Charles IV and former home of the crown jewels, photo by Anny
Charles IV's shadowed throne

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  1. Love the blog. And the photos. Safe travels home. Dress warm!