Thursday, March 2, 2017

Setting Intentions

The Modern Mindfulness project week group is excited to explore the following essential question:

How can mindfulness impact our lives and the lives of others in our modern world?

To prepare our minds for this exploration next week, we set our individual intentions for the project. Here is a sampling of what we wrote...

"learn how to calm down in situations, better confidence in myself, happiness."
"my intention for the week is to get away from my stress and craziness of everyday. I want to stay calm and have more patience and awareness. I also hope to continue this even after the week ends."
"noise of waves"
"relax and clear my mind, enjoy my surroundings and myself"
"comfort, calm, relax, destress, believe, forget, let go, inspire, love, stay positive"
"my intention for the week is to really relax and let go of all the heavy stress on my overwhelmed body. I want to let everything go and focus on me for the week."
"my intentions are to gain more comfort and be less stressed in my day to day life. I hope that by doing this project week I can learn to care less about the past and future and put everything (like my focus) into the present."
"model through personal exploration"
"relax and focus on the now"
"to learn more about yoga and meditation and to decrease my anxiety and stress as well as to be more calm"
"comfortable relaxation"
"develop mindfulness skills I can use for the rest of my life"
"stay relaxed and move forward"

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