Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Storytellers In Training

Practicing the Craft

In the second day of Bringing Stories to Life, the group has all decided on their genre and overall plot and spent our morning session learning about writing techniques that add depth and sophistication to their writing. Concepts from our morning sessions include:

The Hero's Journey
Scene Setting and Imagery
Dialogue and Subtext
Openings and Building Curiosity

With these new skills, our writers set out for Tilton to write and workshop with one another in a coffee shop. The session was mellow, yet productive, and within two days our writers are already impressed by their word counts!


Excerpts from the yet to be published works of our debut authors...

"...Frank saw a woman hugging a young boy to her as she cried while a slight, female police officer tried to comfort her; the wife. He scanned the crowd of people pressed against the police tape.  The mass of huddled bodies could be heard whispering speculatively as the collective breaths of the crowd rose in one big wisp toward the heavens..."

"No! We aren't finished here!" Logan shouted as he got up.

"I'm finished Logan!" I yelled as I got closer to the stairs. I could hear him go back to the kitchen so I let out a breathe and kept walking.

"...Jay watched as his mother pulled out of the hospital and onto the highway he watched as the dark blue Mercedes slide almost effortlessly on the asphalt. He watched the street signs zip by leaving blurs of yellow and green in the rearview mirror. He watched the lights change to green and the German car gear back into action as it moved effortlessly forward through the streets..."

"...I turned and saw Officer Alexander. He saw me grasping the bloody knife. Officer Alexander tried to open my door, but I finished putting my key in and drove off in a hurry..." 

"..."This house with big windows, ceramic steps, garage and beautiful garden in front with probably 20 kinds of flowers is now belong only to one person..."

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