Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Show Must Go On Group preps for their week together

The group met today to prep for their upcoming week together. The group reviewed the characters in the play, "Table 12." We discussed the itinerary and shared what we were excited for. Below are reflections by students in our group.

The Show Must Go On Project Group

"My thoughts for the upcoming week is that I am very excited. I am excited to make a play in a week. I am very nervous to present the play to the whole school. I am excited to learn about the play and the characters. Some goals is to learn how to stage manage. Also to learn how to get some props and make them. Also to step out of my comfort zone and learn how to act." -David

"I'm really excited for this project week. At the beginning when we started this project, I was a little nervous because I thought putting a play on in one week would be really complicated. I feel to make a play takes a really long time, but with the confidence of Ms. Brown and Ms. MacLeod, I feel we can get this done on time. My goals is to learn all of my lines perfectly and to make the audience laugh. I'm really excited to get to know this group of people that I don't really know well." -Miranda 

"I'm excited for the play. My goal is to have fun and to try my best to know my lines. I also look forward to meeting new people and working together to make something. I'm excited to know the character I will be playing. I'm looking forward to presenting in front of an audience." - Joe

"I'm excited for this because I just changed one of my classes to acting so now I know more things about acting. I'm really looking forward to this play. At the same time I'm nervous about memorizing the lines because English is not my first language. My goal for the week is to create a great show and have fun with the people in my group." -Ronja 

"I am very excited to return to the theatre again after the winter and fall play because I think the theatre teaches me a lot of things such as overcoming fear.  I know that the show and the whole process will be awesome. I really would like to play a lead role. That would be something new for me. My goal for project week is to develop acting skills, get a major role and improve upon my pronunciation. I am excited to act in the Winnie theatre, and learn more about acting." -Kym Khoa

"When I was in Korea I participated in a play, however it was in my native language so it was easy, but now this play is in English and it's my second language so I'm scared about memorizing scripts.   My goal is to understand the whole story and memorize my scripts as soon as possible. I'm also really excited for this because my friends were a part of a school play, and when I went and watched it, they look really awesome. Now I have a opportunity to do that. I really want to make our play look good. We only have 7 days so I will try to focus on this." -Yeryeong

"I am excited to perform this play but also nervous at the same time. My goals for "Table 12" is to get through it confidently with no mistakes. I hope to learn to relax on stage and not get all stressed out. I am excited to try something new that I am not completely confident about, and I believe this will be a great experience for me." -Lars

"I feel really nervous because this is the first time I have been in a play. I really enjoy the idea of being the stage manager because I feel the stage manager is really important role. The second goal is learn more about the experience of being on the stage.  I'm excited to step out of my comfort zone." - Zhen

"I'm pretty excited for the play. I've never done anything like this before, so it will be cool to see what being in a play is like. I am nervous about remembering my lines, but at the same time, I want to have fun with the project and make the most of the experience. Since the play is supposed to be funny, my goal is to try and make my character seem the funniest in the play, and get the crowd on their feet by the end. Lastly, I'm excited to get to know some of the younger class men of New Hampton, while also stepping and acting outside of the box." - Max 

"I'm excited, although I'm a little worried that people around me are nervous. I'm not really nervous. I've been in bigger productions before so I know how it works.  My goal is to go back to stage after a nice long break for winter and really rock this thing. I'm excited about working at Winni Playhouse for the first time." -Wenhao 

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