Friday, March 8, 2013

Mowglis reflections

Here are two student reflections about their time helping out at Camp Mowglis...

Today, on our final day at Mowglis, we first started off by completing the painting of the tables and some of the walls we had started on Tuesday. We had a hard time finishing the tables. The reason why was because we had to paint the legs of the table, that required us to get under the table to reach the area. The problem with that was that often getting into the area caused us to get covered in paint. 

After we had completed the painting, the boys went down to the chef's cottage to take down the roof panels. The reason why we were takeing the panels down was because they had a squerill infestation in the roof.

The last thing the boys did was to go down to the lake. Some of them had never been on ice before, so it was a experience for them to be able to walk on the lake. While down there we got to see the final part of camp we had not seen before. It was a very bussy day and we could tell that they appreciated the work we did. 

- Alec W. 

Working at camp Mowglis was hard work but was very rewarding work. We spent a lot of time fixing up the dining room. We spent a lot of our time sanding the tables and painting the tables and walls in the dining room. Also we cleaned up many branches and logs; we got to enjoy a camp fire with all the branches we picked up. One of the groups favorite parts of the project was making s'mores at the camp fire. Even though it was hard work, the group enjoyed helping the camp and walked away feeling good about the work we did! 

- Tori F.

It was a great week and we are all looking forward to the symposium tomorrow!

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