Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mowglis Day 3 - Hitting Our Stride

Today was spent working on projects that we started over the past couple of days. On Monday, we sanded down picnic tables for the Mowglis dining hall, and yesterday the first coat was painted on them. Today the girls, Mr. Schwab, and Mrs. Arsenault started out the morning by putting on another coat of paint and finishing the tables in the dining hall. Later they trekked down to the lower part of the camp in order to paint the inside of a building in need of a touch up. Finally they spent the latter part of the day sanding more tables.


The guys in the group continued the project they started yesterday, which was the big project of clearing up all the brush around the camp and stacking firewood that is going to be used by the camp when it is in session. The day was spent transporting the wood to the center of camp where the big logs were stacked and a fire continued throughout the day in order to get rid of the brush.

To top off the day, the Habitat group was treated to a late lunch at the Bridgewater Inn, owned by the parents of New Hampton’s Ms. Kang. The group enjoyed delicious pizza, pool, and karaoke to end a productive day of work.

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