Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mountain Biking in Moab

I checked my weather app on my phone before I left for work this morning. It told me there was a brisk -12 wind chill. That sounds cold but I just have a short and sweet six mile commute in. I got on my bike and began to ride. The cold air seemed so thick and forceful, almost pushing me back, as if to say "Wait, where are going? You should take the car." I braved it the rest of the way and made it in. As I changed from my riding gear to my casual clothes, I realized in less than 6 weeks, my riding conditions would be completely different. Temps in the Moab Desert should be right around 60 degrees which will make for some perfect riding. I am sure the Slickrock Trail, as well as any trail we might ride there, will be a lot more enjoyable than the snow, ice, and salt covered roads of New Hampshire.



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