Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Day of Travel to Pike Place Market

After 2 hours on a frozen bus, 6 hours of relentless circus pranks on the plane, and one extra hour of hunting for vehicles, Sustainability in Seattle successfully arrived at their hotel in downtown Seattle.

Despite the dreadful 3 hour jet-lag, the energetic group still insisted on going to one of the landmarks of this coastal city, Pike Place Market. It was a gorgeous day outside; the sun was shining and the temperature was in the mid to high 50’s.

The streets were filled with fresh produce, fresh seafood, bakeries, and artists selling their best works. It was pretty incredible to see all the different cultures blended together in one market. Students were able to enjoy Thai Food, Wood Fired Pizza, and authentic Greek Cuisine. Pike Place Market is also home to the original Starbucks, which will have to be visited on a day when the line doesn’t span around the street corner.

As for dinner, we went to a recommended asian restaurant named Dragonfish, in downtown Seattle. The dining experience was superb, the food was overwhelmingly palatable, and their sushi is strongly recommended for anyone who is interested in visiting. After we dined, we circled around the block near our hotel under the lead of Mr. C, who claimed that it was for the purpose of better digestion, and definitely not, because someone forgot that our hotel was right across the street from the restaurant. As soon as we returned from the walk, the seemingly energetic group finally agreed on going to bed early, and that pretty much concluded our 1st day of adventure.

(Photo credit: Dr.Woodard and Roderick Z.)

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