Thursday, March 12, 2015

Construction Continues - NHS Greenhouse Day 3

All five projects continued with the construction phase during our third day in the greenhouse. Additionally, the group got to talk with Mike and Arden from Fred's Organic Farm. The farm, located in Alexandria, NH supplies the New Hampton School dining hall with many vegetables throughout the year.

Rory and Igor completed one shelving unit, which they designed themselves, and can fit snugly between two of the raised beds. This increases not only storage but also growing space.

Nico, Carl, and Noah took a break from the solar panel construction to work on overhead shelving units that run the length of the huge greenhouse. This utilization of overhead space is fantastic to add growing capacity. 

Makayla and Ivana made significant progress on their worm bin. "Today we built our frame and placed it in the ground. Then we took rocks and sand and put it on the outside to make it level. We then put styroform on the bottom of the bin for insulation." 

Lala and Nicki continued their work planting vegetables and flowers. They also helped other groups throughout the day.

Michael, Eamon and Nick made significant progress on their manifest for the irrigation system. They were also able to bury irrigation lines to run to two raised beds. 

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