Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ringmaking with Silversmithing and Ceramics

So very happy to work with fire!
Checking against the light
Using a hand saw to clean the joint
Practing stamping on copper

Buffing the rings
First two practice rings!

On Wednesday, 3/11/15, the Silversmithing and Ceramics group drove from NHS to Hanover. At Hanover, we were greeted by a jeweler who let us into her shop and taught us how to craft rings. After minutes of explanation and demonstration, the group was allowed to go to work and create our own rings. The initial rings were brass without any additional gemstones or defining features other than the simple band and carvings of the creators name. After we got the hang of this, we began to add other features to new rings such as carvings, symbols, and letters. We even began to work with silver. Unfortunately, time would restrict us from going any further and we would have to leave the shop and our rings until the next day.

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