Thursday, March 12, 2015

Final Day in Seattle

Today we traveled an hour and a half North of Seattle to Bellingham, Washington. We first went to an organic vegan body care company, Booda Organics, in which the products are made and packaged by hand. Although they are a small business, they sell their products in over 400 stores all across the United States. This is pretty remarkable seeing that Booda Organics started in a small kitchen with just one blender to mix ingredients. Owners Sheana and Steve talked to us about what they experienced when starting the business and what obstacles they ran into.

After visiting Booda Organics we enjoyed a nice wood fired pizza lunch and we went to the Non-GMO product headquarters. Here we met and talked to the staff about how harmful GMO products are to humans and how many countries have stopped selling GMO products. During our conversation we learned about the process a company needs to go through in order to obtain a Non-GMO verified label for their product.

To end our stay in Seattle the group enjoyed a gourmet dinner at a brazilian steakhouse. We have enjoyed a great week in the Pacific Northwest but look forward to a return to Husky Nation with sustainable entrepreneurship on our minds!

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