Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Wilderness Survival: Navigation Techniques

Day 3 of Wilderness Survival was all about learning to navigate. We spent the morning on campus, learning to use a compass. Once everyone had mastered taking a bearing, the students did “closed course” exercises to learn how easy it is to wander off course even with a compass. For an added challenge, students worked in groups to map a route around the pond, then guide a blindfolded group member safely around without falling in! Finally the students had to direct a blindfolded Mr. Casey to the dining hall for lunch. Once again food proved to be an excellent motivator.

In the afternoon we ventured off campus for some bushwhacking. Starting at the New Hampton Fish Hatchery, we crossed a stream and climbed an icy ravine, only to end up on … Palazzi Field. The students were satisfied with this accomplishment and the group called it a day.

Tomorrow we will be testing our navigation skills yet again with an off campus hike!

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