Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Creative Life - Day 4

Day four saw the group flex their artistic muscles in a variety of mediums. We started off the day by putting the finishing touches on our one minute films. The group did an awesome job with this as we completed narrative arches boiled down to 60 seconds.

After our viewing party, the group transitioned to Visual Arts and how to make a living through tattooing and mural work. We viewed a movie on the history of tattoo art and then tried our hand at drawing some of our own. This activity wasn’t limited to only tattoos however, as some of the group tried their hand at more detail oriented landscapes.

Visual Arts

Wrapping up our morning session, The Creative Life got to spend time with poet, sabermetrician, and all around great guy Carson Cistulli. The group created MadLibs to get our creative juices flowing and then spent time using this to tie into the week’s earlier activities.

Carson Cistulli

The afternoon session was spent working hard to polish, workshop, and edit a final draft for this week’s Literary Magazine. All in all, it was a great day!

Workshopping in progress.

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