Thursday, March 10, 2016

Tinker Shop Day 4: Putting the Pieces Together

The Tinker Shop group had another productive day in the woodshop and on Pilazzi Field. In the morning session, the group split in half with one group assembling Adirondack chairs and the other group chipping brush and splitting wood at Pilazzi. By days end, 5 chairs in total had been assembled and also primed to be painted Husky Green tomorrow. Each member of the group got an opportunity to assemble a chair and all of them came out sturdy and comfortable.


"Work day today. I went up to Pilazzi field in the morning with several other students to help chop/split some wood there. Since most of the snow melted yesterday, it was really muddy today (and Anthony got his shoes and socks soaked by wearing shorts and sneakers, not expecting the road condition). In the afternoon we worked in the wood shop. We assembled some chairs which we prepared the wood for before, and painted them in white. Looking forward to seeing our final products!" 
-Yeva Y. '16

Finishing touches on chairs tomorrow and picnic table building!

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