Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Trucks, Trackors, and "Timber!": Tinker Shop Day 3

It was a beautiful day in New Hampshire and the Tinker Shop group took full advantage to get work done outside. The group split in two for the day, each getting a session on logging and heavy tractor operating. The students each got an opportunity to drive and operate large tractors, as well as learning to split and chip wood. It was a full day outside in ideal 60 degree temperatures, finishing well after 3:00 pm with hosing down the tractors. The group embraced the challenges of operating tractors and large equipment throughout the day!

"This morning we learned how to operate heavy machinery. We started by watching short videos on safety. Then we went to the blood property and learned how to properly drive and operate the tractors. Next we learned about and did work with saws, leaf blowers, spring weed trimmer and power broom. After lunch we worked on splitting wood and cleaning brush that we brought to the chipper. " Eli C. '18

"Today we worked  at Pilazzi field clearing the brush back, we did this because when soccer season starts it's easier to find the balls than go into the woods. After we cut the brush down we put it into a wood chipper. Later in the day we got to use the rtv, tractor, and backcoe. We learned how to operate these machines safely and flawlessly. After we used them we learned how to clean and grease them when we were finished." Austin C. '18

Tomorrow we move to the painting and assembling of the chairs!  Bring clothes you don't mind getting some "Husky Green" paint on!

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