Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Go-Kart Modification Day 2

This morning, we were invited into the maintenance office where we met the facility crew who taught us about the electrical, heating, and water systems across our school's campus. They brought us to the Pilalas basement, as well as the Jacobson Arena, to see the cooling and heating system rooms. They also showed us the CO2 detectors that are installed inside of the rink for safety purposes, and how easily they are set off, just by breathing on them.  While in the Jake we observed another group working on making a movie, we were able to help them shoot a few scenes.  They used us as extras and had us acting as a crowd for the movie. 

In our afternoon session, we brainstormed in two groups about different modifications that we want to make to the go-karts. This included a materials list, as well as a cost analysis. Some ideas we came up with included a spoiler, a cooler, a stereo system, and bigger wheels to improve our cars durability. Once we gather our materials we will then apply them to the go-karts in order to improve their functionality. Tomorrow we look forward to getting our supplies and going to Portsmouth to meet with an engineering company. 

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