Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Build Sheds DAY 3

We met in the small side of the cafeteria today at 8:30 AM, after our brief meeting we went down to maintenance. We loaded two trucks full of side wall and roofing materials along with other tools. When we got to the job site the weather was cold and wet, the ground was muddy from the rain the night before. We then unloaded the truck and began to work. We began to hang the walls of shed #2 first. We were able to finish the the walls of shed #2 and most of shed #1 before lunch and the weather finally turned sunny. Once we finished most of shed #1 we were able to go to lunch. After lunch, we finished the walls of shed #1. After we finished the walls we began to frame the roof.

Roofing the shed was not an easy task, it took us about 20 minutes just to get started on shed #1. We carried the end rafters over to the shed and lifted up on to the top of the shed, we then added the others rafters needed to keep the structure sturdy, we also added support beams to make it even stronger. On shed #2 we were experts on building the roof, it took us about 10 minutes to hang the first rafters. We finished the roof in about the time it took us to get started the second time. Tomorrow, we have to finish the doors and hang the plywood and shingles to the roof.

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