Sunday, March 12, 2017

Debating the World: Huskies vs. Scottie Dogs

As everyone at Husky Nation winds down their Project Week, we are just getting started across the pond. An early breakfast has lead our group into dynamic and diverse committee groups. Representing Greece, the delegates discussed healthcare, education, women's rights, and other social and economic issues. Several made amendments to propositions and made alliances with other countries. The delegates also got to hear speakers from all over the world regarding international policy and diplomacy.









A long day standing up for various issues culminated in a traditional Scottish Ceilidh (pronounced like KAY-lee), where students let their hair down and enjoyed several traditional group and couple dances with other delegates. There was also a disco (Euro-speak for a more modern kind of high school dance) where students could change it up from the memorized and repetitive steps of the Ceilidh. It's great to have a time where students can break from the seriousness of the conference and have a little fun.

We return to George Watson's tomorrow morning for the final hour of debate and closing ceremonies, where the two best resolutions will be presented in front of the General Assembly. Wish us luck in our final day of the conference!

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