Sunday, March 12, 2017

Engineering A New Bike: Superkilen & Fashion

The students have been working extremely hard on the project, putting in late hours and trying to incorporate all the experiences they've had into their designs. We are all tired but satisfied. Therefore, the purpose of today was to play, to explore, and, most importantly for some in our group, to shop. To accomplish all of this, we headed back to Copenhagen for the entire day.

Our first stop in Copenhagen did have a hidden agenda. Although not specific to bike design, Superkilen park is yet another example of good design in Scandinavia. This time, the focus was on cultural diversity, playfulness, community, and green space. Designed by the arts group Superflex, the architect Bjarke Ingels, and the German landscape architecture firm Topotek1, Superkilen is filled with objects donated by or inspired by originals in over 60 countries. Bjarke Ingels is an inspiration for one of our own aspiring architects, Chris F., who gave our group an introduction to the park's design and history. The entire group, adults included, truly enjoyed all that the park had to offer, even if it didn't result in a new Snap friend for some of us.

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Lunch was at yet another pop-up restaurant location in Copenhagen, this one frequented mostly by locals. The two glass buildings included more of a market, and because it was Saturday at lunchtime, it was quite busy. One of the shops offered traditional Danish Smørrebrød, an open faced sandwich on rye bread topped with whatever is handy, including meat, fish, cheese, eggs, etc. Sadly, no one in our group was adventurous enough to try 😥. We did fill up on Danish pastries and ice cream though.

The afternoon was spent wandering the streets of Copenhagen. We visited the Round Tower. We shopped (some of us more than others) for European fashion, gifts for friends and family, and of course LEGO! Our city stroll ended at the famous Nyhaven port near sunset, an optimal time for photos. The day ended with dinner at a pizza restaurant in the historic meatpacking district, which has been gentrified and colonized by hipster restaurants. We consumed copious amounts of food, but no one could compete with DJ, a recurring theme throughout the trip. All were tired but happy on the train back to Sweden.

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