Sunday, March 12, 2017

Debating the World: We Did It!

After quite the week in Scotland, wandering cobblestone streets, tasting local dishes, taking in British architecture, and sharing so many laughs, the group's culminating Model UN competition has come to a close. The morning's debates in front of the General Assembly (all nations debating resolutions and amendments in the same auditorium as one committee) ended with a surprise "emergency" from Zimbabwe.
Lyndsay proposing a clause amendment in front of the General Assembly regarding the Zika virus

The Huskies in front of George Watson's College before the last debates

This afternoon, we will be back at the hotel packing up souvenirs and laundry. Hopefully, we will catch some more sights of the beautiful city that we have called home for the last six days before getting to bed early in preparation for our 5am departure from the hotel. See you in a day's time, USA!

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