Monday, March 4, 2013

Day 1 - Goal: Learn about Camp Mowglis and each other

Today was our first day working with Camp Mowglis! Each year they have about 80 boys ages 7-16 who come to spend their summer on the lake playing games and learning valuable lifelong lessons and skills. We are grateful to learn more about the camp that we are helping.  Normally, there are one or two staff here in the winter months, making projects difficult to tackle.  But with our help, the Camp is able to move forward with items that have been on their to-do list for years.

Today we helped by working in their dining hall. We sanded down all the tables to get ready for tomorrow when we will repaint them! We finished the day with a tour of the camp, we saw the lodge, the campfire circle, and even the dorms. So excited to come back tomorrow!

(Entry by Emily '15 

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